Be Careful, Once You Turn On the Light It Often Never Turns Off.

The ‘Honolulu Advertiser’ front page headline on November 30, 1941 read: ‘Japan May Strike over Weekend.’ Still, the military was told to go to the lowest level of readiness, the ships in the harbor were lined up in tight rows, and the aircraft on the airfields were put into circles, nose tip to nose tip.

It was back in '66 that the light turned on for me. It was in history class during my senior year of High School. Those were tumultuous and confusing times, the rumors of cover up surrounding the JFK assassination a few years earlier were swirling, the morality of the War in Vietnam was being argued everywhere. There was a counter culture full of long haired hippies, rock and roll, marijuana, free love, LSD, and a thousand other things going on inside and outside of the little New England town i lived in...as Dylan said, "The times they were a-changin".

The assignment that rocked my world sounded easy enough, write a paper some aspect of on WWII. There was tons of information on WWII everywhere including the local library, the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor should have been an easy ride to a good mark [my goal in school back then]. The difference this time was that instead of just reading a few essays, then 'paraphrasing' them i actually read a some stuff that made me read more.

The morning after having read a buncha curious stuff at the local Adams library the day before i drove my old beater Plymouth up to Williamstown and sat down in the Williams College library with a stack of books in front of me. About 8 hours later, tired and bleary eyed, i walked out a different person. Turned out Pearl Harbor was a setup, the US needed an excuse to get into the war, the US leadership sacrificed thousands of innocent lives to achieve their political goals. The paper got written, the teacher hated it, my family hated it, everyone hated it, i got a D - but the jig was up from then on for me - i never again just routinely bought anything the authorities were selling.

History has been controlled and manipulated by the wealthy and powerful since our ancestors squatted around a fire in their caves. The only way to learn what is really happening in the world around you is look into things for yourself. Because it's absolutely impossible to look into anywhere near everything going on in the news today, or even back in '66, i suggest you pick a controversial topic, it doesn't seem to matter which one. You'll probably find...well who knows what... but be careful, once you turn on the light it often never turns off..