Military Contractor's Bribes to Bureancrats and Elected Officials are the Major Cause of Greece's Debt Problems

"Germany became Germany partly because for 62 years it did not have to think about military expenditure," said Angelos Philippides, a prominent economist. "For a long time Greece spent 7% of its GDP on defence when other European countries spent an average 2.2%. If you were to add up that compound 5% from 1946 to today, there would be no debt at all."- the Gaurdian.

I am 100% certain that in absolute terms its defence expenditure is much greater than official documents would show due to the so-called secret funds the state has access to," said Katerina Tsoukala, a Brussels-based security expert. "Greece has never had a transparent and democratic defence procurement strategy. Instead, everything is veiled in secrecy which inevitably leads to bribery."

Greece's generals, bureaucrats and politicians live like kings on the bribes they routinely accept from the military contractors who court them. Yet the 'market' continues to spin the story of Greek debt as one of a slovenly coddled underclass who has demanded a free lunch and now refuses to pay their taxes. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is the elites in Greece, as they continue to do everywhere, are the bloodsuckers who've drained the Greek treasury dry. Now, because the 'markets' have used Greek debt as an insurance swindle, the banksters are in fear of losing some of their ill-gotten gains because [load willin] Greece is going to default on the swindlers and dump the military pimps who've stolen their country.

There's a lesson here for us in Canuckistan too. Remember all the cash Mulroney was caught with in the hotel room? Remember Hans Schreiber, Air Canada and the Areobus? Remember the helicopter deal the last Conservative government tried pushing through? Now what about the $25 billion the lying Harperites want to spend on the needless jet fighters? How much baksheesh do you think the various Harper cronies are in line for from McDonald-Douglas?

German 'hypocrisy' over Greek military spending has critics up in arms Athens' fondness for weaponry, and willingness of Germany and France to feed it, under fire as Greece struggles with debt crisis