Mainstream Media's 'Chicken Little' Response to Greek Default Reflects Their Investor Class Myopia

Here comes the Drachmas, hooray. The poor and downtrodden of the world never see their best interests trumpeted in the lamestream media and it's absolutely true again in the case of Greece's popular revolt against the elites. The corporate media, like the investor class itself, has one group's best interests at heart-their own. The corporate media, which means every mass media outlet be it print or broadcast, is totally beholden to owners whose sole interest is maximizing profits. Profits are only generated by income from advertisers. Advertisers only want see no evil-speak no evil-hear no evil stories about economic growth for the consumer-investor class.

Real information about world events can only be found on small independent internet outlets who don't have to rely on the capitalist system for their survival. One consistent ruse being used by the corporate media in their constant drumbeat that Greek default will cause untold hardship for Greeks is where they use Argentina's experience as an example. Uga-Buga-be very afraid they say, but then go on to only use the problems in the first year of Argentina's actual experience and refuse to mention that in the following ten years Argentina has prospered despite the IMF and World Bank's Chicken little type prognostications. Argentina right now is one of the fastest growing most successful countries in the world because they dumped the interests of the global bloodsuckers in favor of the interests of their average citizens.

Greek debt is a function of the obsession of their generals and corrupt politicians having spent billions of dollars on totally unnecessary military hardware. After the next round of elections, after the Greeks throw the banksters out, the newly elected people's government should give back the useless jets and submarines to their US, French and German manufacturers and offer to send the generals, politicians and bankers a one way ticket to ride along on the return trip.

As Costas Lapavitsas Professor of economics, School of Oriental and Asian Studies, University of London said today, "Greek default and exit would remove the pressure of debt, boosting competitiveness, lifting austerity and allowing for proper restructuring of the economy and society." What the investor class fears most about how the Greeks are rising up on their hind legs and giving the banksters the finger is the fact that the Portuguese, the Irish, the Spanish, the Italian and the rest of the people everywhere will open their eyes, stretch the arms and wave their middle fingers too.

Chávez's Economics Lesson for EuropeHugo Chávez's rejection of the neoliberal policies dragging Europe down sets a hopeful example to Greece and beyond.

For Greece – and Europe – the true calamity is to delay exiting the euroOne thing only is certain. A year on, Greece will be on the mend and everyone will wonder why exit took so long, and why anyone believed the fools who said it would be an inconceivable calamity.