Greek Voters Sending a Message That Scares the Elites Worldwide

Today is election day in Greece and France and citizens of both countries are throwing the bums out. But it's in Greece where the real cutting edge of anti-capitalist, anti-elite, anti-banker induced austerity is cutting the deepest. "The 'crisis' has revealed a creative potential among a large part of the population in Greece. There is no doubt that Greece is today at the forefront of global resistance against capitalism. Creativity and steadfastness of the resistance movement to inspire people's fights across the continent. But it also scares the elites - worldwide." - AlJazeera.com

The far-right in Greece is being used as a scare tactic against the radical left and the prospects of a popular rebellion by the elites. The war of the elites is not against fascism - or racism, for that matter. The existential threat to their regime comes principally from the prospect of a popular uprising which should have been underway already.

As The Mud Report has said before the solution for Greece to its elite induced debt is to gallop out of the Euro, to re-establish the Drachma so its value can be allowed to be cut. An article, 'Argentina's Model, an Alternative to Austerity', two days ago by Mark Weisbrot gives great voice to the same argument and shows clearly that Argentina's record levels of employment and massive reductions in poverty have little to do with exports. All the beleaguered Euro-zone economies now suffering under the policies currently being imposed – especially the weaker ones – are similar to what Argentina went through during the depression that led to its default and devaluation.

Argentina's population stood up to their elites and threw them out of power despite exactly the same 'chicken little' type scare mongering by the IMF and World Bank. Now a decade later Argentina is leading the western world in growth, not simply economic growth, but growth in pride, growth in achievement and is a shining example for all of us everywhere that scares the 1% who sees that it's nearing the end of its reign of terror everywhere.