BC's NDP Deserves Credit for Formally Registering its Opposition to the Enbridge's Northern Gateway Project...Finally

BC's official opposition, and heir in waiting, finally came out a few days ago and registered its position to the National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel into the Enbridge's Northern Gateway Project, good on 'em. Mostly good anyway. They do start off with a whining economic preamble designed to mimic Queen Christy's about how BC is taking the risks and Alberta is getting the dough. This hedging argument leaves the NDP open to changing their position in the future when Alberta's bribes start rolling in. But that said, their bullet points about why they object are all environmental. So they get a B+ on this one i guess.

All across Canada critics are slamming the Harper government both for their outright one-sided pro oil cabal changes to the Environment Act and for the underhanded process they are using to avoid any real debate about the wide range of harmful effects their oil industry uber-alles agenda will create.

Among the many effects of the Conservative governments agenda is the question that came from Tzeporah Berman's son the day after the news media reported that the federal government was contemplating changing the definition of domestic terrorism to include environmentalism. Her son asked, “Mommy, why does the government think you are a terrorist?” Branding good hearted people who oppose them as terrorists and child molesters is Harper's divide and conquer strategy. Hopefully it will backfire on him and his cronies across the country. Here in BC it looks like the NDP is headed for a huge majority win in the next election and this issue will probably be the one that unites the province on that upcoming election day.

If though BC's united general public opinion combined with the near unanimous agreement among First Nations doesn't work to stop the Harper government and his pipelines, if he and his cabinet decide to go ahead anyway it could lead to civil war at the BC-Alberta border. If it does, they can count on one grey haired old man and his best friend Pancho the wonder dog to be dug into the mud willing to fight to the end to protect the wild. So will many others.