Redistributing Wealth 'The Motaleros Way'

All the 'democratic' countries of the west now suffer under governments who are so corrupted by whatever special interest groups support their stranglehold on power that we've ended up with regressive sales taxes instead of income and asset taxes, with the abandonment of the notion of a commons and the corporate right to person-hood. Inevitably, in such a scenario, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Seldom does a scenario come along that reverses the flow of wealth. But one does, it’s The Motaleros Way. In short it’s the story of Canada's less and less underground 'green economy'. It's routinely stated in the mainstream media that the motaleros bring $6 billion annually into the BC economy. Estimates are that over 100,000 work in BC’s underground green economy.

Where does all this money come from? Lots of it comes north from the US. Why? Well a combination of millions of American pot lovers and a government down there that is all to willing to throw out its Bill of Rights and the democratic will of its own citizens in numerous state referendums, creates 'that huge sucking sound' we hear up in BC.

Where does all that loot go? When little guys spend their loonies it's at the grocery market not the stock market. It's on bills and stuff in their home town. Law enforcement research has shown repeatedly that the majority of BC bud is grown by small mom and pop operations. But whoever grows them every plant takes huge amounts of labour to grow and process. Even the criminal types with the warehouses are employing tens if not hundreds of people each somewhere in the production/distribution lines. All those people have families just like you and I. Without all those thousands of motaleros spending all those $6 billion bucks to create other jobs in their communities we’d be seeing an even faster growing disparity between rich urban and poor rural lifestyles here in BC.

To conclude, The Motaleros Way is huge, it's everywhere and it's supporting many of our communities all across Canada.