Occupy Powell River to Join the May Day General Strike

At last night's Occupy Powell River General Assembly the group decieded unanimously to join the worldwide General Strike on May 1st-May Day. The strike call came from OWS, from Occupy Canada, and from the People of the World. This call out is to stop working, stop school, stop shopping, stop driving, stop consuming from the corporate machine and take to the streets. On May first 2012 so that, for at least that one day, the gears of this twisted corporate monster will stop turning.

It was a great meeting, along with the May Day General Strike vote the group decided to participate the Earth Day celebrations at Lund on Sunday April 22nd by setting up an information booth decorated with signs, handing out leaflets and exchanging ideas with all comers. Earth Day is a wonderful symbol of our shared connection with the dirt beneath our feet and the destruction of that connection our consumer culture has wrought.

Also on April 28th OPR will be involved in the ongoing demonstrations against and information dissemination about the dangers of 'Smart Meters' that the local Powell River 'The Smart Meter Working Group' is continuing to engage in. OPR invites everyone who's interested to join up at the BC Hydro office on Dunbar St. at noon on the 28th from where a march will proceed to the Community Resource Center on Joyce St. to be followed by a presentation by 'The Smart Meter Working Group' and other activities. a good time will be had by all.

Occupy Powell River is a small but enthusiastic group of consumer culture jammers who are part of the millions around the globe, the 99%, our next frolicking GA will be Thursday April 26th in the gazebo at Willingdon Beach Park. Come out and join us at one of the events or the next GA, the time for action is now.