Blue Jays Win in Opening Day Thriller on Field of Dreams

Every baseball fan's dreams shine bright on opening day in Major League Baseball, even those of Blue Jay fans. In the picture above Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia (centre) is met at home plate by teammates Brett Lawrie (left) and Omar Vizquel after hitting a three-run home run during the 16th inning of the Jays' season-opening game against the Cleveland Indians in Cleveland. Putting the undefeated Jays atop the American League standings [thought i'd better get that in now eh!].

Opening day is a magical day for baseball fans because every body's team, every body's dream is still bright and shiny, that's one reason we all love it so. Another is the memories of fresh mowed grass and the glory days of our youth. Another is playing ball in the backyard first with our dad's and grandpa's then with our friends in the neighborhood. Another. if you're a old coot like me, is growing up listening on the radio as our heroes came alive in our imaginations.

Those were the days, the days of youth, the days of dreams both on the field and off. In those long ago days are dreams were achievable, we were told, "you can be whatever you want to be in this world if you're willing to work hard enough". We were born in the best of times. Now...well...

The Blue Jays are Canada's team in large part because they are on satellite and cable TV from coast to coast to coast on Sportsnet who carries every game. It gives us a common baseball dream each year, it acts, like hockey and the CBC, as a glue that binds our far flung fantasies together. Growing up in New England, deeply immersed in the 'Red Sox Nation' community, taught me the value of a shared delusion. Now it's the Blue Jays who play out my magic fantasy moments of their field of dreams.