Are Your Retirement Savings Funding Vulture Capitialism's Predatory Economics? You Betcha.

Robert Reich has produced a wonderful 2 minute video [below] that illustrates how the vultures managers of private-equity and hedge funds use other people's money to suck the life-blood out of our economy. Reich's website, where he has a number of short videos explaining the various myths of our short-sighted short-term definitions of 'profit', is worth a visit.

But who are these 'other people' who's money the vulture capitalists use to leverage our main street world into unemployment and bankruptcy? If you have a pension plan, if you have an RRSP or 401K plan, if you have term deposits or any savings in the bank anywhere, these 'other people' look you in the mirror every morning, these 'other people' are you.

Worse yet, these vultures and the pension fund managers, advisers, investment councilors, etc. all get a hefty slice of your retirement savings in fees every time a transaction is made and in bonuses whether the value of the crap they place bets on goes up or down. This is how the investment mafia works, this is capitalism, this is the system you are co-operating with by playing the 'bourgeois dream' game.

So, if you are part of this system, don't sit around moaning and groaning about how unfair it is, how the natural world is being devoured by the oxymoron of 'endless growth', how capitalism is robbing your children and grandchildren of their future, how countless innocent species are going extinct, how...well it's a long list, just take a look in the mirror and tell yourself how you deserve it, how hard you've worked to earn your comfortable position, how exceptional you are. mr. mud chooses to want less.