The Quality of One's Life Has Zero Correlation to the Quantity of One's Money

Today's inbox contained a this beautiful picture above and various well meant comments on compassion, love and the politics of homelessness. All the folks commenting made good points, but it's the picture itself that touches me.

In anything there's the container and its contents to consider, including this picture. The container here seems to evoke a response of-maybe pity or compassion, the contents another-maybe universal love. But those are only my opinions. My opinions are, as are all our various opinions, a projection of my worldview.

So then this photo is real art. It follows the defination, my opinion again, that art is symbolic and that all real art, like all good symbols, are windows in that it doesn't matter how they are built-rather it's what you see through them that counts.

Through this window, this symbol, this art i bask in the warm glow of appreciating that the quality of one's moments-one's life-has nothing to do with one's material circumstances-at least once that person has acheived a level of comfort above starvation.