Is The Mighty Unity Scared of the Occupy Movement? You Betcha!

Fearing a replay of the 1968 major riot in Chicago the 'Chickenhawk in Chief' quietly announced Monday evening the move of the G8 summit in May from 'Sweet Home Chicago' to the remote fortress at Camp David. This is a major victory for the Occupy Wall Street movement and Adbusters.

Obama's decision is a humiliation for 'The Mighty Unity' and is making huge headlines all over the world. "It's hard not to see at least some of the Ghost of '68 in President Barack Obama's decision to slap his hometown and abruptly pull the G8 summit out to the Maryland woods." - Chicago Business

Those were heady days back in August of '68. Revolution was in the air. The assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, the escalating doom of the Viet Nam War, the nationwide race riots and the rapid rise of the counterculture created an atmosphere where real change seemed possible. i was 20 that summer, a college kid who's world was forever changed by the terrible glorious events of that year. By year's end i had dropped out of college determined to be a part of the solution not part of the problem.

The problem, the problems, have only gotten worser and huger since my epiphany in '68. The ghost of '68 still haunts the halls of power in America. Hopefully this victory for the Occupy Movement will be a cataylst that continues the spread of the revolutionary reaction to the forces of corporate greed gaining momentum around the world.

Sweet Home Chicago: G8 Summit Moved but Protests Will Continue - Years ago, when I was at The London School of Economics, I received a letter inviting me to Chicago for the 1968 Democratic convention. No it wasn’t from then Mayor Daley but from my Yippie friend Abbie Hoffman who predicted a hot time in the old town that was burned down by Mrs. O’Leary’s famous cow. To this day, I regret not going. I am hoping to be there this time because it promises to showcase the revival of the Occupy Movement that so many are hoping for. - Danny Schechter