"Bank of America took our homes, so we thought we'd move in here."

Today, March 15th, the Occupy movement in the US is taking on the Bank of America. The website 'Foreclose The Banks' has some very cool stuff and some great quotes. The Mud Report is totally behind the creative actions being taken across Amerika against one of that country's biggest banksters. Two Thumbs Up to the occupiers.

The website opens with, "Bank of America (BAC) is a morally and financially dead “zombie bank” poised to shock the entire global economy into crisis. Its time to Fight BAC and break up the bank! On March 15th, we will Foreclose on Bank of America." Then quotes Matt Taibbi who says, “There are two things every American needs to know about Bank of America. The first is that it’s corrupt… It is a giant, raging hurricane of theft and fraud… The second is that all of us, as taxpayers, are keeping that hurricane raging.”

One section called 'The Big Picture' reads, "We are fighting for economic justice and democracy. We are part of an international movement battling unchecked global capitalism, the crimes of Wall Street and the banks, a corrupt government controlled by monied elites, and the resulting income inequality, unemployment, environmental destruction, and oppression of people at the front lines of the economic crisis. The 99% are organizing to end the tyranny, greed, and selfishness of the 1% and usher in an era of protected freedoms, compassion, collaboration, solidarity, mutual aid, sustainability, economic justice, and democracy by and for the people."

Tonight mr. mud is going to his first General Assembly at Occupy Powell River, and couldn't be prouder. This small town group has already raised the consciousness of our little coastal rain forest community with its first few actions. There will be more actions and groups in communities both small and large  here in coastal BC and everywhere as first the spring then the summer of 2012 roll on.

As the article 'Occupy Movement to Blossom as Spring Approaches' says in part, "Organizers have also been using the winter to incubate grander plans, among them a May 1 Day of Action that may turn into a call for a nationwide general strike and proposals to occupy corporate shareholder meetings, the NATO summit in Chicago, and the Democratic and Republican conventions at the end of the summer."

As a prologue to a March 15 action against bank foreclosures, a crew of Occupiers moved into a Bank of America lobby carting their couch, coffee table and potted plant.