Ya Basta!-Enough is Enough-Say the Greeks in the Streets

"Enough is enough!" said 89-year-old Manolis Glezos, one of Greece's most famous leftists. "They have no idea what an uprising by the Greek people means. And the Greek people, regardless of ideology, have risen." Glezos is a national hero for sneaking up the Acropolis at night in 1941 and tearing down a Nazi flag from under the noses of the German occupiers, raising the morale of Athens residents.

A petrol bomb explodes in front of the Greek parliament in Athens' Syntagma (Constitution) square [picture above]. Inside the parliment Socialist lawmaker Sofia Yiannaka, when introducing the legislation to designed comply with the most recent EU and IMF austerity demands Sunday, said, "We used to say 'poor state, but rich citizens' because we tolerated tax evasion for populist reasons. Is this the country we want?" Greeks in the streets, not the sons and daughters of the rich and entitled, answered "Yes! This newly risen Greece is the one that we want."

The Greek parliment, like all those in modern western democracies, is mostly made up of the privileged minority-the 1%. Of course they'll vote to accept whatever their fellow bankers, investors and ruling class members demand. The people in the streets know full well that this isn't the end of the demands. This set of demands, this set of cutbacks, are just another step in an endless series that will eventually grind working class Greeks into servitude if allowed to by Greece's ruling class.

It's the same situation in the lamestream media who's nearly unanimous spin of this story reflects their corporate ownership and their advertiser's interests not those of the population in general-the 99%. The outcome of the vote today in Greece matters not a bit. In the long run Greece will either quit or be kicked out of the Eurozone. In the longer run Greece will rise again from the fascist's current attempt to subjagate them just as they did back when Manolis Glezos tore down the Nazi flag a generation ago. Sooner or later Italy will follow Greece's example, so will Spain, Portugal, Ireland...hopefully we all won't have to throw firebombs, hopefully this generation's globalized fascists will fold their tents and quit. But don't count on it, the privileged and powerful never have voluntarily given up their entitlements before, the odds are they won't in this generation's struggle either.