Drummond Was Forbidden From Recommending Any Tax Increases in Ontario Report

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty got the desired results in the report on fixing the province's projected budget deficit from former TD economist Don Drummond by forbidding any recommendation of tax increases. "Absolutely the balancing of this province's books is a priority. It's something that is extremely important. But recklessly scrapping programs that people rely on while at the same time handing tax cuts to Ontario's richest corporations is simply wrong-headed and it just doesn't make any sense." said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath adding a more “balanced approach” is required.

McGuinty [who's brain capacity is being described by Drummond in the picture above] and his 'Liberal' government aren't interested in social justice, they're into the neo-liberal agenda of austerity for the poor, tax cuts for the rich approach. "Bigger class sizes, higher utility bills, and fewer hospitals are among the bitter pills deficit-ridden Ontario must swallow to avoid the same fate as debt-plagued Greece", economist Don Drummond warned Wednesday.

Greece, of course, is being used by the neo-liberal economist as a boogey-man, but it's also an excellant example of how wrong headed this approach is. Greece's economy is in a tailspin exactly because of the austerity measures being imposed on it by neo-liberal tunnel vision. For sure there are ways that health care could be more efficiently delivered in Ontario, same for other programs, but cuttng good paying jobs, taxpaying jobs, home buying-car buying-stuff buying jobs only reduces government tax revenues and bankrupts small businesses which then further reduces government revenues. It's the downward Greek spiral. It's not the solution, it's part of the problem.

The other part of the problem and the obvious solution in Greece and Ontario is to increase taxes on the wealthy. McGuinty refuses to even consider raising taxes on those that pay for his party's election campaigns and advertising knowing it could cause him to have to go get a real job. Ontario should start by raising taxes on luxury goods, then individual incomes over $100,000-especially those of windbag economists, then bank profits-which are soaring, then a sur-tax on bankers and the financial service sector-bloodsuckers all who add nothing to Ontario's production but live off its capacity, then add in a Robin Hood tax on ' market' speculator transactions, then chase down and confiscate every dollar their benefactors have squirreled away in the Caymen Islands, Bermuda and Switzerland, then...But long before then, in this world where the rich rule and the poor drool, McGuinty would be working at Starbucks and some other neo-liberal pawn would be dancing to the bankster's beat eh.