Anarchy was the Answer in Argentina as it is in Greece and Beyond

Today's research led to a great, mind opening, article at Jay Walljasper's On The Commons.org titled ''Where Is Kropotkin When We Really Need Him?'. In it the reader is reminded of how our 'modern' definition of anarchism has been re-framed into a dark chaotic hell on earth from its actual historic reality. It's a short and impressive piece for its content. For today, though it also can serve an instructional container.

Perhaps the biggest story in the world right now, on so many levels, is the potential Greek default. Like everything, it's a Rorschach test in that what we see through it totally depends on the view of the viewer. Through one worldview Greece's default would be a travesty because it could very well participate a severe recession or even the big D-depression. Either of which would mean austerity for all folks everywhere, but perhaps especially for the consumptive class. Guess like Richard FariƱa said in his classic1966 novel 'Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me' the perspective of a person living and dining in a dumpster is far different from that of the person throwing stuff in.

Two other bits on the pending Lazarus like rise of the Greeks, 'Economists Predict 'No Gain, More Pain' for Greece' and the little video: 'The Greek debt crisis: it's, like, totally over' are instructive on the logical level regardless of where you are on the dumpster scale. The fact is, and this portion is trying to appeal to logic, that cooperatives employ more people than multinational companies in the world's economy. The sooner the Greeks return to their roots, our roots, the better.

The ability of a Greek default to send shockwaves of contagion through the gelatinous mass of credit default swapping criminals is in itself enough to bring hope to this ol' bottom feeder. Then add to that its potential to stimulate a new/old re-localized economc solution that will be the model for other countries under the yoke of the banksters and hope rises to jejoicing. That new/old model is very well outlined by the Kropotkin article above, so too are the bright days of anarchy our ancestors enjoyed.