Winter Bird Feeding Especially Important as Tempratures Drop

First off, i'm not an expert on feeding birds so i've provided a few excellant links below to sites developed by people who are. That said, there are a few basic things that i've learned from my research online and from my friends who've been at it far longer than i have.

When i moved here to Black Point just south of Powell River late last winter i noticed that there were quite a few birds searching around the place obviously looking for food. It seems that the old gent i bought the place from was an avid bird lover so i started asking a couple of people that i know who've lived here for some time and have bird feeders themselves what i should do.

One couple gave me a feeder and off i went to Canadian Tire to score some feed for them as it's very important to keep feeding them through the winter once you [or the previous residents] have started. As soon as it warmed up in the late spring i stopped my daily routine of checking and topping up the feeder every day then after the first cold snap in the fall i started being on it again.

Right now the snow is falling and the temps are far below freezing even here in Canada's banana belt. This morning the feeder outside my window has been covered with little birds almost every minute. If you too have a feeder please keep it full every day in this cold weather. If you don't apparently it's OK to scatter bits of bread or other baked goods but only if/when the weather is extreme as a constant diet of them isn't the right thing to do. Please help our feathered friends during their time of need. They'll repay you with lovely music, arial acrobatics and insect control next year if you do.

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