Will the Canadian Government Pipeline Propaganda Campaign be Allowed to Destroy the Great Bear Rainforest?

Like Petro States everywhere Canada continues to cut taxes on its rich benefactors and live on the royalities generated by the fossil fuel bubble. This type of scenerio always leads in one direction, the few get richer, the many get poorer. In this specific instance though the value of these short term 'gains' must be judged not only against the social justice inequities but also the long term devastation of the biosphere that supports us all.

The long term survival of Canada's environment is under attack by its own government. If this propaganda attack by Harpo and his religious zealot filled government succeeds in hoodwinking Canadians into believing that the foreign multinationals who control the Alberta Tar Sands, and who will make billions of dollars if the pipeline gets built, have anyone's interests other than their own in mind then the future looks bleak not only for BC's coastal rainforest, salmon streams and shoreline but everywhere else too.

Harpo and his cronies are enraptured by the notion that they have god on their side, that they and their brethern alone know what's right. Conseqently it doesn't matter how much they lie about foreign money driving the opposition to their get rich scheme. In fact no more than $30 million has helped green groups fight Big Oil whereas foreign companies and states who dominate the Tar Sands have poured $30 billion, 1000 times as much, in.

Those who oppose the environmental destruction, that would be only a matter of 'when' not 'if', are the villians in Harpo's mind. The many thousands who will appear at the hearings speaking against the Northern Gateway Pipeline know who the real villians are, they know that short term profits for a few already rich capitialists is far outweighed by the costs to future generations that the certain destruction ahead if the pipeline is approved will entail.

Please watch the beautiful documentary below to get some idea of what is at stake for the many to further enrich the few.