Wall St. Rejoices as Moneybags Mitt Appears Set to Win Florida Primary

It's Moneybags Mitt in the lead, Newt fading fast in second with Rick the righteous and outsider Ron Paul in a dead heat for last heading for the wire in Tuesday's Republican primary in Florida. The sucking sound you're hearing is the sigh of relief coming from Mitt's fellow vampire capitialist buddies on Wall St.

Money talks and bullshit walks as the old saying goes. But the 'real' story, IMO, in Florida and beyond is how the corporate media is doing everything in its power to bury the Ron Paul Revolution. Newt's unpredictable and that scares the Republican establishment, who knows what 'big idea' he'll come up with next now that his moon colony appears unlaunchable. But Ron Paul is the one who's long held ideas are so far off the Republican reservation that he's achieved piraha status among the elites.

Of course, mr. mud likes Ron Paul because he doesn't speak with a forked tongue like the liar in chief Obama and he's willing to stand up and speak that truth, as he sees it, to the powerful and the not so powerful just as he has for decades. During the debate last Thursday in Jacksonville Paul gave another great speech-ette. This time on the stupidity of the Cuban blockade. He said his truth, which this writer agrees with, to a Florida audience and received an ovation for it. Perhaps most Floridians, especially Republicans, don't agree with Paul's stance on noormalizing relations with the evil commie dictators in Cuba. But they do applaud his courage to say what he thinks.

Ron Paul can't win the Republican nomination but maybe, just maybe, he can open up a space for real debate on the critical issues of our times. The David Seaman videocast below about the mainstream media bias against Ron Paul, and why Mitt Romney has nothing in common with the average man is worth a watch.