War of the Worlds Played Out in Durban

The myth of materialist exceptionalism got a boost in Durban. The dark forces of consumption swept in from the north and clobbered the conservationists again. Their stall tactic wherein there'll be no organized international action for another decade at least means 'business as usual' for the consumptive culture.

Even then, if everything else goes just right, the US will never sign a binding agreement that challenges their entitlement to the American lifestyle. Not just them, all westerners-all materialists-wherever they live, will never be prepared to make major changes to their lifestyles. This world, this worldview, sees itself as entitled to their entitlements. The other world...not so much.

The other worldview sees the fast approaching darkness, and while continueing the good fight, fears it's probably already to late. They know that any of these proposals fall far short of having any meaningful effect on the planet's problems. The truth is the costs of changing the capitialist system, of turning this consumption train around, are astronomical, that any significant change would destroy the existing system.

This system, this globalized growth godzilla, is eating the planet but so many sheeple are beholden to the existing system because it is the only means by which they can continue to pay down the indebtedness the system has induced them into. One fate awaits both worlds, perhaps the fairy of economic collapse will wave her magic wand and save the biosphere from human hubris, if not, let the forces of Gaia's feedback loops come get us soon so 'we the demanders' ouselves feel the effects of our greed. Time to apply the barley sandwich solution eh.

Naomi Klein’s conclusion: that passionate corporate and conservative foes of curbs on greenhouse gases are right in asserting that a meaningful response to global warming would be a fatal blow to free markets and capitalism.