Today's Canada-U.S. Border Deal Announcement Another Dark Day For Canadian Sovereignty

According to Stevey Harper Canadians need not be concerned about matters of Canadian sovereignty in relation to the Border Pact and Security Perimeter. According to his corporate cronies it's a great day. Why then do so many of us non-corporate cheerleaders have such a sinking feeling deep in our psyches. Could it be because we know that this is just another step down the road to Fortress North America.

Step by step Canadian sovereignty is being sacrificed on the alter of the rightwing nut jobs. "I think we have to realize that Canada is not immortal. But if it is going to go, let it go with a bang rather than a whimper." - Pierre Trudeau

Canadians are being lied to about the real purposes behind this dark deal. If Canadians think this deal will result in even one truckload of goods rolling more quickly into Amerika they're in for a big surprise. The vast majority Americans are paralyzed by fear of anything and everything outside of their law enforcement's control. This deal is just one more step toward the 'normalization' of Canadian laws and law enforcement techniques with those of the paranoid public in what was once upon a time known as 'the home of the free'.

Stevey's Omnibus Crime Bill is an example of what the future holds for Canadians in Fortress North America. Why, when all crime statistics are dropping, do Canadians need to spend billions of dollars on more prisons? Why the demise of the Wheat Board and the Long Gun Registry without allowing any real debate in parliament? Why pull the stakes on Koyoto now? Why, why, why? Because the wolf at the door demands appeasement and fearful Canadians seem quite willing to oblige. One day soon there'll be a knock on Canadian doors and it'll be obvious then that the new security state the wolves 'don't need any stinking badges'.