Bahía de Guantánamo, an Ideal Year Around Get Away for Dissenters

The weather is ideal in sunny Bahía de Guantánamo every month of the year. The accomadations are a bit sparse, and the service providers snarly, but there's 3 meals a day and lottsa efficient fencing. The Bahía de Guantánamo was, like the rest of Cuba, until recently only open to non-American citizens, all that changed the other day when the US Congress and the Prez signed The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. Now you too, my fellow Americans, could win a trip to the Guantanamo Hilton.

The defination of terrorism, like beauty and cataracts, lie in the eye of the beholder. Certainly America's founding was fought for by what would now be called terrorists. The indians who fought back against the invading colonists would now be too, so would the slaves who revolted periodically on the plantations, and the union organizers, the anti-war organizers, the treehuggers, the occupiers...just about anybody who bitches qualifies for a free trip to the Bahia now eh.

i'm thinking the flights down there would be quick and easy on one of those secret jets the spooks use. And there'd probably be plenty of old friends flying in as the tropical months rolled by. Might be a perfect place for a long term getaway or for an old outlaw radical to retire.