Thanks to the Wind

i give thanks to the wind whipping the rain against the windows and sending the waves crashing over the seawall on this morning's walk. Thanks for the forest dancing in the wind, for the little birds at the birdfeeder, for my best friend Pancho, for another vertical day.

Being lucky enough to have been born in 1948 gives lots to be thankful for. We grew up in a world of limitless possibility, the perfect time to be a dreamer, a time when kids were kicked out after breakfast and told to be back for lunch without a moment of terror about the unknown.

i'm thankful mostly for my family, for my mom and the sacrifices she made as a single mom in an era long before it was common. How hard she must have worked on all those graveyard shifts to make a home and a life for us. Brilliant and beautiful, Betty Wiley gave me her best and i thank her with all my heart. Thanks too to my daughters who've been the proud focus of my adult life and provided its finest moments.

We've been the lucky mud, from rock and roll to hoola hoops, those my age have watched pop culture as it popped. Now we're watching a new generation of mud awaken and begin again to realize another world is possible. We too thought we would change the world in our hippy-yippy past but change slipped through our fingers, change kept changing and now my thanks go out to the growing global resistance for re-awakening my hopes.