Global Resistance Up, Greed Markets Down and Other Good News

Don't cry for Greece let alone Argentina. The bankers have nearly completed their coup in Greece. But this lamestream economy is less revelant each day in Greece and beyond as a global resistance movement is being built around people who are learning to organize themselves and resist in the course of providing for one another. The bankers will squeeze Greece dry, the protests will only get bigger. Each day the center of power in Greece moves to the street. The Greeks will rise, the bankers will fall.

This spirit of building the world you want is gaining momentum here at Occupy Vancouver which has become a downtown eatery serving hundreds of meals a day dished up to all comers as donated food rolls in. Staffed totally by 20-30 rotating volunteers who are building a new world one meal at time. They say, "Come on down and Join Us'.

Then there's Occupy Oakland's 1 month old Birthday Party today and tonight in the Amphitheater of Oscar Grant Plaza. It'll be livestreamed, it'll be fun, it'll be another little spark in the global resistance's spreading flame.

In the video below musicians Graham Nash and David Crosby play an acoustic set for members of Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park on Nov. 8. It moved me to tears this morning.

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