Each Act of Resistance Awakens the Actor

It's moving day at #Occupy Vancouver, they're moving on to the next phase they say on their website. They, and their fellow rebels, have changed the political discourse in first phase, my heart soars like an eagle.

The next phase will see many different tactics including our individual recognition that we are part of the problem. There's as many viable tactics as there are tacticians. Resistance through non-cooperation is one non-violent tactic. Whether you're in the country, a small town, the city, the burbs, the root ideas remain the same: live by cash-stay out of debt-never buy on credit-save your money-buy local-work hard.

The Occupiers are not necessarily asking that we join them in their camps but in their spirit of resistance and cultural rebellion, and in the task of imagining a better world -- realizing that we have been sleep-walking towards the edge of the cliff. They are telling us all to wake up before it's too late. Their challenge to each of us is not to live in tents, but to resist - Murray Dobbin

Every act of resistance creates a whirlpool of downstream effects and each act awakens the actor. The corporations, like chinese handcuffs, hold on by the power of fear. If you stop retreating in fear, even for a second, the spell is broken. The freedom to live, hope and work towards your dreams is only one smart choice away.

"Politics is how you live your life, not who you vote for!" -Jerry Rubin