Go North, It's The New West

The corporate control of our governments is so complete that people should be banding together against Big Business. Instead the Empire rules and we the people remain hoodwinked, divided and conquered. Dylan said "When you got nothin, you got nothin to lose." Like those folks in Libya throwing stones at tanks. Big business, big oil in Libya's case, big money, big corruption, it's the same dark lord holding sway from Libya to Wisconsin.

In 'Another Road' Ed’s Apprentice says, "I’m driving away from empire, thought long and hard about saving the living world, but I decided otherwise. I just can’t. For starters, nobody wants to let go of the lie." Unfortunately Ed’s Apprentice, and most of us, see the lies and illusions of others clearly, our own not so much. Driving away from empire is a powerful thought. i wonder which way he's goin?

Personally, i'm heading north, it's the new west here in N. America. Go north old man, find a little town, settle down, your neck may get redder, but you'll feel a lot better. The only real way to have more is to want less. Empire's grip loosens with every bend in the road headin north. We're real lucky here on the coast of BC because we got something way more liberating of Empire's grip than any pothole or bend, the ferry. BC Ferries separates the wheat from the chaff daily up here.

According to the country song, "When the talking is over, it's time to get a gun."