Global Grassroots Protests Focus on Class Struggle

The Facebook-Twitter-Web based protests of the Middle East have spread around the globe. Today's headline 'One World, One Pain': From Egypt to Wisconsin could well include Greece, France, Spain, anywhere in the US outside the gated communities, or the UK. One world, one pain, one enemy.

Well maybe a few. The bankers get bonuses, the corporations and banks get bailed out, the rest of us get austerity programs. Austerity means less spending on education [the rich have private schools anyway], health care, social services, etc. everything that non-rich type people need, especially in tough times. What austerity doesn't mean is higher taxes on the rich, the banks or the corporations.

One exploding grassroots internet movement is UK Uncut. They organize through Twitter what, in non-political terms, is called a flash mob. Right now they're shutting down 100's branches of Barclay's Bank daily. Their basic message is that all austerity programs, including the recent ones in the UK, are a choice. The governments choose to make the poor pay for the mess their rich greedy benefactors made and refuse to tax the rich they are totally owned and operated by.

Along with millions of others, mr. mud is pinning his hopes on a long shot. Hoping that the sheeple near and far will awaken, that the many will rise up against the few, that the flame of revolution will melt the divisions we've for so long allowed to stupefy us. The Internet Revolution is spawning internet revolutionaries especially among the global youth. One world, one pain, one enemy, one revolution.

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