Dr. Pancho - My Therapist

Pancho came to live with us just over six years ago. She's been working her magic on us every day since, especially me. Every day begins with our greetings. As soon as my feet hit the floor i hear her tail waging against the side of her bed. Her love and devotion so perfect, her joy so sincere, every day starts on a high point.

"The behaviour of a four-legged friend will bring you peace of mind and joy to your life. Many people owe their lives to these humble creatures. There is no doubt in my mind that pet therapy works. There is much evidence that it works, not only with dogs, but also with birds, cats, horses, and dolphins. There have even been cases where wild animals have been pets. This article touches on how pets, especially dogs, can have a profound affect on your life and your viewpoint." - Pet Therapy - Better Than Drugs!

Science studies consistently show that petting a dog lowers a person's blood pressure, slows heart rate and breathing and lowers stress hormones. A U.S. pilot program for war veterans utilizing hospital therapy dogs as a replacement drugs in therapy for stress is a huge success. Small local volunteer groups like the one in Powell River BC have for years been bringing joy to all types handicapped folks and seniors in their areas. Hopefully i'll be able to join and help out in some manner as soon as i get the hideout moved up to Powell River 'South'.

Pancho always knows how to treat me no matter my mood, happy or sad, rant or rave, as long as i love her, she will always unconditionally love me back. No matter what happens Pancho will give me kisses and tell me in her way that everything will be alright. Pancho and i live our little lives together, and right now it's time for our hike in the park.

Prozac or Puppies? -You’re feeling a little down lately, and no matter what you do you can’t seem to shake it off. When you go see your doctor looking for some feel-good pills… he sends you home with a pug instead. Stanley Coren, UBC Psychology Prof, predicted this in 2006, and he’s starting to look a bit psychic.