We All Need A Complete Audio-Visual Record Of Police Actions

Another Mountie, this time in Kelowna, is under investigation after he was caught on a cell phone camera kicking a man in the face during an arrest. "There will be an 'outside' investigation" says Kelowna's top-cop. The outside source will be another Police Force, probably RCMP from a different detachment.

The Police should not be allowed to investigate themselves. The investigators and the alleged wrong-doer will be from the same union, and the same brotherhood. The results will always be the same, "Our committee investigation finds no undue procedures or wrong-doing on the part of the arresting officers. Case closed." Makes a person wonder how many other cases like this happen that aren't captured by a witness's cell phone camera.

The Police have a tough job, no doubt. And they themselves would often benefit when unfounded accusations arise as the result of having a complete audio-visual record of all Police actions. So would the public, who the Police serve, benefit. There have been so many incidents here in BC in the last few years it seems like the cops are out of control. They are, but it's not news. Cell phones catching them at it is news. Some cops have felt entitled to beat the crap outta whoever they deem deserving since cops were invented, our present day version are only carrying on cop culture.

The Police must be outfitted with small audio-video cameras, tiny spy cameras [like the one pictured] in their hats maybe-wouldn't get in the way one bit. And cameras inside/outside of their patrol cars. The technology exists cheaply to record or send real time wireless feeds via satellite from anywhere to anywhere. A plan like this would cost million$, create lottsa jobs building all the hardware, lots more setting 'em all up. With a 'Buy Canadian 1st' agenda equipping all the cops with all the gear would be a kinda economic stimulus plan eh. Imagine no more frivolous law suits, no more unrecorded kicks to the head, no more making up stories about confused Polish guys at the airport, no more...