100 Healthy Sled Dogs Slaughtered By Whistler Company When Profits Drop

This is the most sickening story ever. Please read the story here and another blog on the story here.

The only good part of this is that over 99% of the comments i've read agree that these assholes must be punished. Here's a few examples:
"I'd like to cull the owners of this outfit for this sick display. Something tells me they didn't try very bloody hard to find homes for these dogs."
"This is not animal cruelty, it is murder."
"Jail time, major fines, revocation of business license, and splash their names all over the media so they will be recognized for the scum they really are. That includes the moron who did the killing. Just following orders? Hmm, where have I heard that before..."

i been looking-searching to find the names of those responsible. Here's what i've found so far. The companies involved are: Outdoor Adventures Whistler and Howling Dog Tours Whistler - now totally owned by Outdoor Adventures Whistler.

Outdoor Adventures Whistler - ph#  (604) 932 0647 - email addresses: info@tagwhistler.com and info@adventureswhistler.com  Their spokesman is Graham Aldcroft. They appear to be from Naniamo BC.
Howling Dog Tours Whistler - at the time of the mass murder was owned by:
Joey Houssian
9459 Emerald Dr
Whistler, BC V0N1B9
ph# (604) 932-3205

i'll wait to name the shooter and give his contact info until it is confirmed. i hope everybody contacts these mass murders of innocent loving sentient beings and to tell them they are sending a copy of their email to every person they know. these assholes should be bankrupted by lawsuits as well as shunned by everyone, they are a disgrace to us all.

here's a copy of my letter to them:
this is absolutely sickening. it's you who should be culled. your company will be shut down, the word will be spread and nobody will have anything to do with a company like yours or any other affiliated companies. the moron who did the killing is just as much to blame. you could have gone to the media or let the SPCA and normal people step in. i can barely stop crying.
all your friends will abandon you, you'll be alone with your money. you might as well buy a one way ticket to the south pole. i hope you get what you deserve, a life of guilt and shame.

Bob Wiley
ed. The Mud Report