It's Canada vs. Sweden today at 1PM [pst], it's on TSN up here in Canada and the arena will be rocking. It's 3+ hours before game time and apparently the border crossing from between fair Canuckistan and Buffalo N.Y. is jammed. A few minutes ago the OPP issued an advisory to warn motorists about a high volume of traffic at the three major crossing points in Niagara headed to the U.S. due to the hockey game that's part of the World Junior Hockey Championships.

Both teams are 3-0, both have handled the competition with equal ease-including the Russians. Today's game will determine which team gets the easier route through next weeks playoffs as well as bragging rights. Canada won the preliminary round exhibition game last week and will be the favorite today, but the Swedes have a good team and great goalie.

i love the buzz up here among sports fans. Usually folks have their favorite team. Most everybody around here roots for their homeys, the Vancouver Canucks, in the NHL. One friend is a die hard Montreal Canadians fan and ya see other folks wearing other gear here and there so ya never know and are always polite about demeaning the opposition.

The WJHC and the Olympics are the exceptions. Today normally reserved Canadians are streaming across the border dressed is red and white, waving their flags, painting their faces, trying to remain polite and trying to drink all the beer in Buffalo. Good luck to 'em, and better luck still to our Juniors. May their powerplay be powerful-may their goalie be hot-may their fans cheers be rewarded.