Winter Arrives Early - a good day to prepare for the Big Run on Dec. 7th

The coyotes come rolling through around 4AM lately, Pancho hears 'em-smells 'em-barks at 'em, and our day begins. The possibility of freezing focuses the mind. It's beautiful, crystal clear arctic air, crunchy ground underfoot-the mud having retreated into hibernation-a million-million stars. we see 'em early. It was -10C yesterday morning and it is again today. Unusual that winter would arrive so quickly and so early to the hideout. Even the insurrection slows down at these temperatures.

i love the first few days of snow and cold each year, always have. It's invigorating to breathe the cold air. It bring back memories of cold air breathed during New England winters when i was a kid sledding down its hills. One of the best parts of growing up back in Adams, Mass was that every winter night a kid could go to sleep secure in the knowledge that school the next morning was far from a sure thing. No matter how unprepared we were for a test, or how undone an assignment was, we slept easy, the snow was our ally.

Most days i sit and read on the web while drinking 1 huge cup of coffee. Today i've been reading about Eric Cantona's most excellent idea- A World-Wide Bank Run on December 7th -organizers are calling for the use of a new weapon, one available to any of us with a bank account. It is the simple act of removing all of our money from the banks, and doing so in mass on the same day - December 7th.

Bringing Cantona's protest here to North America could mark the beginning of a new direct action movement , who takes actions outside of the normal process. In preparation for Dec. 7th, open an account at a credit union, then you'll have somewhere to put your money when the protest ends. If you are worried about the security of your funds on the day of the protest, withdraw all but a token sum beforehand and then close your account on December 7th.

Perhaps happiest of all, this protest has no downside. You don't even need a permit - after all, you are just going to the bank! Your actions will tie up their bank operations all day, and their back offices for some time afterwards. While waiting in line, you will have a chance to meet friends, neighbors, and like-minded fellow citizens who care deeply about the future.- Eric Cantona

Let's Join a World-Wide Bank Run on December 7th