Voting Against Goldman Sachs

Banks are corporations, corporations serve only their shareholders short term investment interests, therefore banks serve only shareholders' interests. The banks have their tentacles in almost every cranny, mortgages-lines of credit-credit cards-car loans-etc. The bank's already rich shareholders get slightly richer with every banking transaction. There's a huge sucking sound, it's the rich vacuuming your wallet, it's gotta stop.

How? Use Cash. Freeze out the bankers share. Learn about 'The Toilet Bowl Theory of Economics", learn the power of wanting less, learn to live independently in an interdependent framework, exercise your free will. Every independent action, freely chosen, further awakens the actor. At some point enough independent actions and unexpected acts of resistance would be called an insurrection. The success of this insurrection wouldn't depend on the size of the crowd nor extent of the media coverage, but on its usefulness, through a million tiny awakenings, in bringing corporate capitalism to a grinding halt.

"The giant corporate control of our country is so vast that people who call themselves anything politically—liberal, conservative, progressive, libertarian, independents or anarchist—should be banding together against the reckless Big Business steamroller." - Bill Totten

"If we are ever going to save the earth from climate change, pollution, species decline, and the stark-raving-madness of the consumer culture we will have to radically reform the corporation. Anything less and we can kiss the planet goodbye. But that will be so difficult we might as well set our sites even higher and get rid of this dangerously insane "citizen" amongst us -- one utterly irredeemable and incapable of rehabilitation. A good start would be to find a compelling case to take to the Supreme Court and have corporations' "natural persons" status removed." - Murray Dobbin

"Justice demands that we take more from the rich so as to reduce inequality. But this idea, along with most ideas concerning economic justice and people's control over the economy, was cleansed from the debate. Certain ideas have since become unthinkable, which is in the interest of corporations such as Goldman Sachs. The power to exclude certain ideas serves the power of corporations. It is unfortunate that there is no political party in the United States to run against Goldman Sachs. I am in favor of elections, but there is no way I can vote against Goldman Sachs." - Chris Hedges