The Liar Obama's Fool Me Twice Tour

Two years ago Obama fooled me and millions of others with his memorable and moving campaign speeches. i changed my work and leisure schedule around to make time to listen to his speeches, watched with my college aged daughter so she'd remember the beginings of the big winds 'change' in US and world direction away from the corporate greed that was then and is now consuming the planet and her generation's future.

Pulling the wool tightly over my own eyes i made excuses for every peice negative information that surfaced. So what if he was accepting millions from health insurance creeps and big pharma, he obviously needed the dough to fight off the Republicans. So what if he said Afghanistan was a just war. He promised to get out of Iraq, close Guantanamo, end torture, pass single payer healthcare...the list of his lies is long and well documented elsewhere, google it, if you dare.

So here we are two years later and both he and his muse Bill Clinton are again furiously criss-crossing the country giving rousing progressive sounding, slogan laden speeches aimed at resurrecting the broad based coillition of progressives that they fooled before. But this time the outhouse type aroma wafting from the podiums isn't being masked by our own hopeful self-delusions, this time we know that he and Bubba are lying bastards, this time we remember the old Chinese proverb, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me".

Neither Obama nor Clinton ever were progressives, they simply told us what we wanted to hear and we ate it up. The only difference between GW Bush and Obama is that i used to turn off W's speeches because i knew the SOB would do exactly what he said he'd do, now i turn off Obama's because i know he won't. The spinless Democrats deserve the wiping they'll recieve on Non. 2nd. In my opinion the only possible chance my kids and grandkids have left to live a life worth living, if any at all, is a collapse of the industrial monster and who better to bring it on than the brain dead Tea Partiers.

The Ricky Ray Rector President - Perhaps a better explanation for the failure of Obama and his ilk to fight hard for the country’s welfare and for progressive values is that he is no progressive at all.