Guns For Jesus

With the US mid-term elections just two weeks away some Republican knuckleheads are praying that Jesus will 'save them' again. This time from the embarrassment of running out of ammo during the shooting of not only commies but their TV ads.

A few nights ago i tuned in to Parker-Spitzer on CNN for the first time. My timing was perfect, it was the very begining of a set Republican TV ads they were focusing on. Seems that either muzzle velocity has replaced horsepower as the quickest route to an Amerikan's heart or the Republicans are totally committed to pandering to ignorance, or, most likely, both.

Now i realize that a commie pinko tree hippy hugger peace-nik like me has only one real function in the eyes of any real Amerikan: providing a large slow moving target to test their sights and rangefinders on. None the less it was quite a display. After the show's feature on Republican firepower Kathleen Parker commented sarcastically, "guns for Jesus". What a cool quick comment eh. i thought that probably only a southern conservative woman like her could get away with that kinda remark and not get the boot off TV within 24hrs.

The saying stuck in my head somewhere so a few minutes ago i Googled it and found...well try it yourself, it's revelational. When you consider that there's more guns in Amerika than cars or TV's it's no wonder the Tea Party will be running the place in a couple years. What with the 'great recession' and all i'm gueesing my fellow Amerikans are gonna need lottsa ammo to fight off them terrorists clamoring over their gated walls and into 'The No Sin Zone'.
"GUNS FOR JESUS"..."Arma-get-it-on" Gone Wild!
"Dear Lord/Baby Jesus: We humbly pray, here in our garage wednesday evening prayer group, that you shoot straight, keep spit on your sights and never just "wing" any of the people who hate you."