Fetish Break-ins Terrorize Their Mostly Female Victims And Families

"Crimes involving sexual fetishes are far more prevalent than one might think."-CBC News. Fetish break-ins aren't silly petty crimes they are violent predatory acts that terrorize the victims and their families. Yet the courts and police treat them lightly instead of treating them as part of a psychopath's progression from seemingly victimless behavior to rape and murder.

Almost everyone, especially males, have sexual fantasies. Some of them are bizzare, but as long as they remain between the ears of the beholder or acted out in privacy they remain victimless. A fetishist becomes sexually excited by a nonsexual object and many are non-violent, non controlling and not to be confused with predators. But as soon as a fetishist takes the first step outside the private realm between their ears he becomes a terrorizer of those that he stalks or steals from.

"By sneaking into someone's place, they're showing that they can invade their territory. What that person is showing the other person is that he has no problem invading her space. It indicates that the person is working their way toward rape of a real person," said criminal profiler Pat Brown, CEO of the Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency."Taking someone's underwear does two things," Brown said. "It shows that you were there and that you're taking a souvenir of your accomplishment. He is getting as near to the person's skin, so to speak, as he can possibly get."

Russell Williams is a psychopath, he has no empathy for anyone much less his victims. He, like all psychopaths, is delusional. He acts only to fulfill his delusion without regard for the victim, the pain of their family, or his own. Like a pedophile, this serial predator can't be rehabilitated he and his ilk are hardwired to do the evil they do. If there ever was an overwhelming arguement for the death penalty the SOB Russell Williams is it.

As a parent of two wonderful daughters Williams behavior terrorizes me too. Like millions of parents, i worry everyday that my kids and grandkids might be victimized by some deviant like Williams. i fantasize that if anything like these abominations were ever to happen to any member of my family i'd want the cops and the courts to turn the psychopath lose and tell me what door he'd come out and when, i'd bet Williams' victim's families feel the same. Instead of Canadians paying to feed, house and entertain assholes like Williams, Clifford Olsen and others i suggest The Louisville Slugger solution.
Williams 'pure evil': murder victim's brother
"I miss her every day. First it was Mother's Day, then it was her birthday in May. So many dreams I had of my daughter have been destroyed. I will never walk her down the aisle, hear that she's expecting a baby. He has not only taken away my precious daughter, but dreams of her future children, my future grandchildren."