Survival Equals Plunder Divided by Resistance, S=P/R

Once upon a time the size our future abundance was at stake due to capitialist plunder now it's our descendants' survival. Only when the capitialists meet sufficient resistance in time will there be a livable world remaining hand on to the future. S=P/R means all forms of non-cooperation with the plunderers are tactics in a broader strategy who's goal is the long term survival of our families.

"Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the State becomes lawless or, which is the same thing, corrupt.... Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of humankind." - Mohandes Gandhi

Usually resistance, like blackberries in Cascadia, start out as small seperate meaningless blips, but as anyone who lives here knows, there is only one blackberry plant, their above ground seperation hides the interconnected nature of their roots. Resistances to the flow of capitialist plunder [and the damn blackberries] are slowly growing by their various methods towards their common goal of future survival.

Resistance is a strategy and the sum of many independent tactics connected by shared philosophies. Those who choose to resist most often begin with small symbolic acts of non-cooperation like paying with cash and asking to be paid with it, or, better yet, barter. Every small act of resistance builds your spirit, stands as a example to others and is a small step toward the goal. Before action often comes a period of comtemplation, of reading and learning, of 'turning on' and 'tuning in'. Wherever each of us is on the curve sliding us toward acts of resistance we are on it. More on 'R' tactics manana.

Nonviolent Resistance or Climate Hell - The truth is that those of us living within industrial society have become seduced by the power which accrues from the burning of fossil fuels, and entrapped by the destructive consequences. We have created an entire social structure which bows at the altar of fossil fuel and have in essence entered into a massive "Faustian bargain" with the gods of oil and coal.