Resistance, Tortise Style

Apparently millions of latin americans can slip into north america and find cash work. They start small, work incredibly hard, live low, save dough and often build a decent life for themselves and their famlies. What does that tell us? It tells me that, just like 35 years ago when i awakened and started living la dolce vita, there is honest work to be done almost everywhere. That, especially with the huge language advantage norte americanos have over our latin brothers, a person can still build an honest life out of hard work and patience.

Folks who live in the underground economy never buy anything on credit, they don't get into debt, their meager money keeps its buying power because they never pay interest. The banks and the billionaires make very little profit on the cash economy. When a tortise like, cash only, person needs a car they know that a car is a tool not a status symbol, they buy a car they can afford. A hare like, i want it all now, person, on the other hand, goes for the Hummer and the payments. Every month after that the hare has less dough the tortise has more.

Same arguement holds for whatever your dreams are, if you want to live them, to stand straight and resist the empire, don't think it-do it. Start small, but start. If you want to be a farmer, go to an area of small farms and start knocking, keep knockin on doors until you meet a farmer who'll give you a cash job [maybe just room and board], you'll work your ass off, you'll meet other farmers, barn doors will eventually open for you, one day you'll look back and be amazed how many of your dreams have come true.

All of the hares we meet as life unfolds have uncertain futures, some stay awake long enough to finish ahead of the toll extracted by the empire's interest, profits and taxes, most fall asleep and lose hold of their contantly over-leveraged lives, some though awaken for whatever reason and see that the joy is in the process not the end product. The awakened realize that the beers earned with sweat and calluses taste far better than those bought on credit and that when your car dies you convert it into a chicken coop and look for another beater you can afford.