Greenpeace's message: Go beyond oil. Where? Conservation and Hemp

Greenpeace protesters have climbed an oil exploration rig in the Arctic off Greenland. They say "Our climbers are on that rig with a simple message: Go beyond oil." And that, "We are faced with a choice: act with real urgency to move away from fossil fuels and develop the clean tools that will help us completely rebuild our economic system, or carry on squeezing out the last drops and hope for the best."

But where do we go to get beyond oil? Conservation is the most obvious and best answer. Every joule saved is really three, one being the embedded cost of the technology required to make every joule available, another being the downstream costs that will have to be paid to cleanup the mess left behind by its production and the 3rd being the profits-interest-taxes that won't be sucked outta your joule buying dollar by the forces of financial gravity also known as The Toilet Bowl Theory of Economics.

Next miracle hiding in plain view: Hemp. Jack Herer spent his life trying to educate everyone to the miracle of Hemp, to the truth about why Hemp's atributes have been hidden and by whom. Among the many great things on Jack's site is the section on 'Things Made of Hemp', it's well worth a visit. FreeLabs, another well informed Hemp research site says, "Hemp produces 4 times as much biomass per acre as the nearest competitor. 1 acre of hemp can produce 1000 gallons of methanol. That is enough to drive 20,000 miles on a 20mpg small SUV or 50,000 miles using a hybrid car. The average household consumes 3.6 gallons of crude oil per day."

The trouble, as we've seen in the Gulf recently, is that big oil owns the governments, the regulators and the courts. Hemp and conservation mean change which automatically means today's oil cartel will fight to the death to avoid them even being mentioned. 'Educate Yourself' as Jack said during his life's work and as Jeannie Herer, his wife, says in carrying on the work.