The forgotten fan does not forget.

Out here in the hinterlands, the 85% of canuckistan outside Rogers' area, Jays fans are still fuming at the Rogers Empire and the soccer fans are starting to shake their World Cup hangovers off enough to see many of the coming years big games being held hostage by Rogers gung-ho fan screwers. But nobody's got a bigger voice than hockey fans and everyday another group of 'em figures out they too either won't get the games in their area or will be paying mordida to Rogers.

Blue Jay fans, like me, are not showing up at the gate, last week's games were the worst attendence all season. Some are turning in their cell phone contracts, many are supporting the boycott of merchandise, most think the Sportnet One debacle will hurt the Jays, all agree that Rogers' greed has broken the spirit of the fans accross the country.

Rogers lied to us, to me, they proudly announced earlier in the year that we'd be able to watch all 162 Jays games this season. Now i can't watch 'em, they lied. i've sent my complaint to the CRTC Complaints Division, it felt good to say my bit, might feel good for you too, go for it!

To paraphrase that prick Conrad Black: 'The forgotten fan does not forget'.

Sportsnet One Screens out the Sedins - Did we really need another sports station? One that carries Canuck games we can't see?

Senators fans might make noise, too