An Auspicious Day For Planting Garlic

Planting garlic on the fall equinox under a harvest moon, how cool is that eh? The fall equinox is one moment in the pendulum's cricuit, it happens everywhere at the same moment, 8:09PM,pst in our case. The harvest moon rolls around the globe in consort with the dance of the setting sun and the rising moon. Our prime full moon viewing here, if the cloud gods allow it, would be about 8PM too.

What all this has to do with planting garlic is difficult to prove but better safe than sorry eh? Garlic, in the better safe than sorry vein, has served long and well in our centuries old 'War on Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies' [predecessor to the War on Terror]. Either worn, if living in common V-W-Z territory, or eaten daily if not, garlic is a proven sheild against the ages old V-W-Z terrorists. Garlic at the ready as i walk through the valley of V-W-Z i fear not.

More recently garlic has been researched by modern science, who as usual, has proved so many colflicting claims about garlic's curative properties as to be useless. Folks can believe what they want, i believe that re-planting the garlic each fall is a positive postulate, a statement supported by the work needed to prep the area, to have that area ready in the yearly rotation of the garden's plantings, the saving of the best heads from the mid-summer's harvest, that this fall's work will bear fruit again next mid-summer.

Garlic as a statement, amulet or food is one of the easiest things to grow. Once you've planted your cloves about one finger deep into the freshly prepped bed loaded with plenty of compost/manure on or just after the harvest moon nature takes care of it mostly. You'll probably have to weed once around may 1st and harvest the curled flower heads about june 1st, then harvest in late july. Round and round she goes, our planet rocking gently as it rolls around the sun, its moon twirling through lighted phases as the solar system circles a blackhole at our galaxy's center. What a wonder filled world, what a miracle that garlic has saved us from the V-W-Z menace long enough so that we might see its majesty.