Sportsnet One Boycott Sweeps Canada

Got a warm fuzzy feeling today when i googled 'Boycott Sportsnet One', Jays fans from coast to coast to coast are up in arms about the loss of access to many Jays games because of the greed and stupidity of Rogers. The baseball and Jays forums are 100% in agreement that Boycotting Sportsnet One is imperative, i agree totally. In addition to boycotting Rogers Sportsnet One i'm going to start a list of advertisers who appear regularly on Sportsnet and send them all emails outlining how few folks can actually watch the Jays games that will be taken over by the greedy bastards and suggest they join the grassroots cross-Canada boycott of Rogers Sportsnet One.

Jays fans aren't the only ones Rogers' corporate braintrust has in their sites, Raptors fans will get the same treatment, Leafs, Canucks, Canadians, Flames, Oilers fans too will have their turn come fall. Soccer fans won't have to wait long either, the boardroom bullies at Rogers will try to squeeze them too, same for rugby, same for...all of 'em and all of us.

We who already pay cable and satellite providers through the nose to watch endless commercials must stand together immediately to nip this corporate ripoff in the bud. We must scream bloody murder, email our friends, add your commenst on the web's forums, etc. You can bet the snivelng leeches in Sportnet's braintrust are watching the comments, reading the articles and feeling a bit queasy today. They must be made to see the error of their ways, made to understand how quickly merchandise revenues can dry up, how quickly advertisers will bolt when a Canada wide backlash starts to focus on them. To bad Ted Rogers is gone, he knew how to build a team and a fan base for the long run, now we have to deal with the snake oil salesmen who've taken over the Jays and Sportsnet.

Sports fans of Canada unite, you have nothing to lose except Sportsnet One.

Sportsnet One has Jays fans up in arms
Jays fans angry over launch of Rogers SportsNet One

Jays' Marcum one-hits A's  the comment here at the Toronto Sun by nklenman [August 17th 2010, 12:27pm] pretty much sums up the feelings of Jays fans: I am joining the Rogers boycott and have given Fido notice that my four year relationship with them goes into the toilet. Those greedy fools. Trying to force the hand of the cable channels to carry their Sportsnet One, with the games we already get free in return for suffering their interminable commercials. Well, I have had it. Who needs 'em? We get a fourth place team, ok, fine, we can watch it grow... maybe. But Rogers? The late founder must be barfing in his Valhalla. He was a gentleman and a sportsman, and he has left it all in the hands of jerks, fools, baby execs without a brain in their heads. So we missed Marcum's performance? Go ahead, Rogers. See if we care.