Salmon Are Sacred in the Salish Sea

The last few days my inbox has contained quite a few invitations to visit Alexandra Morton's site 'Salmon Are Sacred' and learn about the issues surrounding the IHN virus in feedlot salmon, its effect on wild salmon runs, the industry/government attempts to cover-up information and evade the inspection process.

My biologist friend Jon's email got me started: Here is the easy to sign petition re: inspections and transparency of the fish farms. Alexandra Morton has good evidence they've hidden IHN outbreaks in sockeye and they are trying to deregulate the inspections. I've studied and worked with IHN virus in salmon and it is deadly to fingerling sockeye. Please read Alexandra's letter and go to the petition site, sign and pass on the link. We don't have much time if you read her letter. We need transparency on these inspections absolutely. - Jon

Reading through a bit of Alexandra's blog one quickly sees her hard work and dedication to science and wild salmon. She has lived a life immersed in the wonder of the sea and land, she has been a tireless defender of the flora and fauna in and around The Salish Sea.

i ususally don't get involved with promoting or even signing online petitions because they are so often easily dismissed, but this is different, this is part of the sixty-day public input period, this supports Alexandra Morton's monumental efforts on our behalf and as Jon says above, "We don't have much time".

The federal government has released their proposed Federal Pacific Aquaculture Regulations with a sixty-day public input period. These regulations role back the safe-guards we have in British Columbia to prevent heavy industrialization and privatization of the coast at the expense of our communities. - Alexandra Morton