Bio-Regions trump Borders

The Salish Sea and Wrangellia are a portion of the bio-region of Cascadia. Cascadia is most often defined as the watershed of rivers that flow into the Pacific Ocean through North America's temperate rainforest zone. Cascadia extends from northern California to southern Alaska - along a coastline once cloaked in nearly continuous rainforest - and inland as far as the Continental Divide.

Cascadia's common ecology has naturally bonded all its inhabitants, flora ,fauna, mineral and microbe, into an interdependent whole, the only 'real' political unit. Cascadia is a powerful political idea in that it transcends the present system of borders. Cascadia is evolving, some people already call themselves 'Cascadians'.

Cascadia's interwoven ecology has driven common cultural themes in response to her climate and character through different eras. Each eras inhabitants had to deal with the rain, the rivers, the forest, the bears, including ours. This building of community through time is key to the political power of a bio-region.

Our present borders are built to control and organize humans exclusively. Surveyors shoot straight lines accross valley and mountaintop alike without notice for the wholeness being divided. i can see from satellite photos that the Great Mother takes even less notice of the political lines.

Divide-Divide-Divide, if there must be political boundries to control the masses then they should reflect the underlying bio-regions. But way better is to just live, undivided, free, like the roaring waters and the soaring raven.

Cascadia, land of falling waters - Perched high on the edge of the sea, Cascadia is a land of “Mountains & Rivers Without End” (Gary Snyder). A region where rivers are knives, and glaciers, plows. A world in which water in all its forms animates everything, inscribing a living memory into the landscape. Water is the voice of this place, calling life into the land. This bioregion is named for the white waters streaming down the north Pacific slope. Cascadia is a land of falling waters….