Obama is like Chinese Food

Yesterday i watched a chunk of the Obomber's speech from Kansas City. Within seconds he had me again. He guy is a great orator, his cadence, body language, tone all work to convince the listener of his emotional commitment to whatever topic he focuses on. i should know better, like everybody else i listened to his orations through '07-'08 and i've seen what he's done since taking over.

A couple of hours later, after watering the garden, i heard conservative Mary Maitlan commenting on the Obomber speech. She too said that he was a great orator but that his speeches were just like Chinese food, filling at first, but two hours later you were hungry again. Chinese food is a fitting metaphor for all his campaign promises. Even outspoken liberal commentator James Carville, Mary's husband, seated next to her gave a small nod in agreement. James and Mary, left and right, have stood lately for the diversity of life in Gulf and against the Fed's and BP's handling of the disaster. Their united voice night after night on CNN among others has been a huge force helping to keep the media's and therefore a chunk of the citizenery informed. For that i thank them.

Obama's gift makes him the perfect canditate but an untrustworthy ally and a president who easily capitulates whenever strong opposition arrises. He has ideas he's always quick to compromise, but, unlike the tea party burnished right wing, he has no ideals, no overaching goals that stand beyond compromise.

As November gets closer the Obomber will be out orating coast to coast and on the tube. i'm trying to build a little computer program that activates a boot directed toward my fanny every minute or two when the Obomber's voice gets recognized on the tube by it. If i get it to work i'll publish it here on the blog pro bono [sonny's cousin].