Capitialism and its Evil Spawn: The Corporation

C: Capitialism is the thrird horseman of our self inflicted Apocalipse. Modern capitialism was invented in Europe just after Columbus and fellow early 'explorers' arrived back with the first load of slaves, tobacco and bits of gold and silver stolen from the peaceful natives they'd slaughtered. The first stolen wealth of the new world quickly morphed into paying merceniares to fight Europe's endless internecine wars and bribes to keep other royals and elites onside. Next these neuvo-rich took their share of the ill gotten gains and pooled resources to form trading houses and the first mutual funds so they could, at first, build more ships-man them with conquistadors-send them out to kill more natives-steal more land-and return with more riches. Soon the early capitialists moved on to building ships for the transatlantic slave trade. The 'wealth' stolen from the new world by these early henchmen was the economic force behind the industrial revolution. Those trading houses and early industrialists organized their investors in a legal framework we now call the corporation.

Through time the banks, who were once the sole [not soul] pervaence of the pope, secularized and expanded into the colonial racket, they too were/are groups of rich people who pool their excess resources together so as to better exploit-extract-consume others to become more rich. As former Supreme Court JusticeWilliam O. Douglas said, "The interests of the corporation state are to convert all the riches of the earth into dollars."

Capitialism didn't just fund slavery it is slavery, slavery for everything and everybody. Capitialism is, like religion, founded on a great lie. For capitialism to succeed there must be growth, endless growth, but we live on a finite planet so capitialism and its evil spawn: the corporation can only succeed in destroying everything they touch, kind of a reverse midas-touch syndrone.

Capitialism and the corporations are destroying Gaia, our home and native land. They are creating hopelessness and dispair as steadfastly as pollution and poverty, as climate change and war. Capitialism will reap what it sows, Gaia has defended herself and the circle of life before, she will again.