New Bridge at Cliff Gilker Park

The bridge above the falls at Cliff Gilker Park has been rebuilt. Its weight is being carried by two beams cut from the tree that volunteered for the job by falling through the old one. The other lumber was milled at a small local mill from local trees. All of the work was done by Parks employees of the Regional District and a local coast crane owner/operator. It's a perfect outcome, the new bridge is wheelchair accessible and the access trails are now being upgraded for wheelchairs as well. None of this would have been possible without the good judgement of the Sunshine Coast Regional District Parks Department. Thanks and praises all around.

Pancho and i love Cliff Gilker Park, our time spent hiking there is the best part of our day. As the seasons turn so too do the sounds of her creeks and birds, the colors of her flora, the meanderings of her fauna but in all seasons Cliff Gilker is alive and changing everyday. It's early summer now, the huclkeberries are light red, the salmonberries getting sweeter by the day, the streams are slowly dropping, and many songbirds are much quieter now that they have babies hiding in their nests. Today we met our friends again here and there along the interwoven forest trails as we do most everyday. As summer rolls along we'll enjoy all the park's many cool shady spots but today i noticed we and our forest friends stood in the parts bathed in sunlight still.

Like me, most of the friends we meet on the trails through Cliff Gilker are retired and now that our children have left home we are lucky to be able to spend our little lives with our best friends walking the trails of Cliff Gilker. Lucky too to live here on the Sunshine Coast of BC with its excellant abundant water, relatively clean air, good land and a ferry service that makes getting here as painful as possible for visitors.

We'll be back tomorrow Pancho and i. We'll smell the air, and hear the creeks roaring, we'll enjoy every minute of it. We'll have our tails up and our ears flapping, see ya there.