Horde Proof Fencing

There's always an upside, even to economic collapse. On the way to whatever does finally sink this ship of fools our culture has become, there will be a few winners and lottsa losers. i say, go long on HPF - Horde Proof Fencing, a product perfectly positioned according to many leading economic forcasters.

Hopelessness and dispair are rampant, huge and seemingly intractable problems surround us. One resolution is to take the long term perspective, in the long run the bacteria will eat all the gulf oil, the planet will neutralize our carbon gluttony, the climate and geology will continue on their dance and all human history will be condensed to a thin ribbon of stainless steel debris in the sedimentary deposits of the future.

So looooooooooooooong term, we, the rogue primate, aren't really much danger to the planet just ourselves and the mllions of other species we're taking down with us. Midterm, say the lifespans of our grandchildren, say now 'til 2100, if the collapsers are right, it's gonna be a rocky road. Securing certain things like water, food and tools now, before things fall apart, might prove to be essential to survival. Those folks who live on the land now, who grow their own, could well be overrun by emmigrating urban refugees, food refugees.

During this next century, the midterm, hordes will be leaving the cities. Every farmer will be using some type of 'horde proof fencing' to protect their harvest. Short term, just behind owning good land with good water, air, drainage and the tools to make it all happen, the best short term solution to most things is a six pack and a joint.

Guy Mcpherson says, "You and I didn’t start the fire of empire. But we’re about to see it extinguished". So sell all your 'investments' in capitialism's future, sell your bank stocks, dump your commodities, your financials, your indexed mutual funds cause they're all gonna tank. Go long on HPF.

Einstein said, "in the longterm, we're all dead", but maybe not. Get a glimpse of one of the first players in this new exploding market at: Walls And Zombies: How To Prepare Your Home developed by the U.S.Zombie Tactical Squad who offer 'Protection from the Undead'. The possibilities are almost endless.