Helen Thomas Resigns Amid Whirlwind

Helen Thomas has been a pain in the ass for every White House during the last 50 years. Now at age 89 she's on the ropes because she either misunderstood a question and answers' larger implications or let slip an indiscreet remake like all of us have.

Helen's comment yesterday was in two parts. First she said, "Isrealis should go back where they came from" then added "Isreals should get out of Pasestine." A sentiment shared by many, wether Isreali supporters or not. Many Isrealis aren't Zionists, many see the occupation of Palestine as weakening the political Isreal as well as the religious. So, to me, her !st comment was directed toward the illegal occupation of the West Bank and the blockade of Gaza.

Helen's second comment has instantly transmogrified into a call for the Jews re-emmigration to Germany-Poland-Russia-etc when she was actually being asked where original exodus had come from. Helen tripped up. Helen's problem navigating the polemic, pajoritive filled minefield of discourse on all topics Isreali is shared by us all. Isreal is a country, a political-geographic entity, and is just as subject to criticism as all others. Zionism is a racist, colonial, political system disguised as a prophetic religious revelation. Judaism is a 5,000 year old religion complete with all the hocus-pocus of all religions and as such shouldn't be criticised any more than any other religious delusion.

After all these years Helen tripped in the minefield. i hope she regains her feet quickly. Helen is a 'Bad-Ass' she speaks the truth to power, we need her and many more like her.