End Capitalism to Save the Planet

Yesterday in Ecuador Evo Morales, speaking at the Tenth Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), said that only the eradication of Capitalism will save planet Earth. Morales highlighted the importance of unity to promote changes in Latin America and said that native peoples have to "move from resistance to seizing power to rule themselves."

Evo is the first indigenous national leader in 500 years, his acheivements in leveling the wealth disparity in Bolvia are remarkable despite the huge resistance of the international corporate and banking elites. ALBA, formed and financed initially by Hugo Chavez, is running parallel to the G20 in Toronto. ALBA needs very little extra security, G20 needs $1billion, ALBA leaders are cheered by adoring crowds, G20 leaders are surrounded by 10ft fences, thousands of cops and now, as of noon PST, a fair bit of smoke and black masked protestors.

The G20 is capitialism, those leaders and their decisions build the skeletal framework which the corporate frankensteins use to consume the living earth. The corporations are the evil offspring of capitialism, the corporations buy the governments they want, the G20 'leaders' are owned and operated to further feed the inquenchable hunger of the rich. For capitialism there is never enough, more is its credo.

ALBA isn't.

Morales Calls for End of Capitalism to Save the Planet