Drones coming soon to a border near you.

The ever more paranoid US was staying on course to militarize its borders when it announced it was deploying more drones along its Mexican borders. Lost in the headlines was the mention of expanding their drones, only one right now outta Fargo ND, along the Canadian border as well.

Drones, like any tool, aren't good or bad themselves, and the US in entitled to be as paranoid as it wants, but the soullessness of a robot controled by a computer jocky somewhere, with the inherent techno-mistakes at his/her fingertips, changes the whole character of our interactions. Drones cause an appropriate subconscious reaction of fear in all of us, that's part of their power. We see and hear about drones on the six o'clock news firing rockets at villagers, wedding parties, funerals and we wonder who's next.

For sure these border gaurding robot drones outta Fargo ain't gonna be packin missiles just cameras and spy stuff. But who knows what all information they're interested in beyond the evil terrorists. Is the CIA curious about pot growers, will they soon be using their lisecne plate recognition system to finger lovers of the demon weed, or maybe they'll start tacking their own citizens who come up everyday to fill their prescriptions at prices they can afford because of our socialist medical system. Who knows what the drones know.

Drones are tools of terrorism. The innocent people living the villages and valleys of their ancestors are terrorized everytme a drone flies by, everytime it kills those in their family or village they are terrorized. Death flies into their valley on soulless wings remotely controlled by a kid at a computer screen half a world away. The faceless robot terrorists abroad are also killing any chance the US ever had in Af-Pakistan. Drones will further poison the already deadly well of distrust along the Mexican border too. Canada's government of course will say 'please and thank you' to about anything as long as the oil bucks keep rollin in. More drones, more blackhawk helocopters, more fences, that's how you make friends, that's how you do it.
US to Deploy Drones to Shore Up Border with Mexico